Key Hole Surgery

Key Hole surgery or the Laparoscopic surgery is a revolutionary method of performing operations that is less invasive than traditional open surgery. The technique involves the use of a scope that magnifies the internal structures and projects the image on video monitors in the operating room.

Special surgical instruments are introduced through small incisions placed by the surgeon to make repairs. This results in smaller incisions, less pain, little or no scarring and a greatly reduced recovery time. This is a big improvement over days of hospital recovery and weeks of rest at home that are required following traditional open surgeries.

Open traditional surgery is very stressful to the body because of the incision that is made. The pain invoked and the healing process of nerve and muscle tissue causes a great deal of stress to the body. Key Hole approach to surgery decreases stress. Very small incisions are made (One inch) vs large incisions (6 to 7 inches). Because the stress to the body is greatly reduced, this approach many more patients can undergo this surgery that they would otherwise not be able to tolerate.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques have been used in gynecologic surgery for nearly 3 decades and today more than 90% of all gall bladder surgery is performed using these techniques, which can apply to a broad range of procedures including hernia, heartburn and lung surgery.

Advantages of a Key Hole Surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay.

  • Less post operative pain.

  • Faster return to solid diet.

  • Better cosmetic results.

  • Quicker return to normal activity.

  • Less expensive than open surgery.

  • Minimal Scarring

Routine Laparoscopic procedures are:

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy with biopsy and tumor staging

  • Key hole cholecystectomy with intra operative cholangiography

  • Appendectomy

  • Advanced Laparoscopy

  • Anti-reflux surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease and hiatal hernia

  • Key hole vagotomy and gastro jejunostomy for ulcers

  • Key Hole heller's procedure for achalasia, a swallowing disorder

  • Key Hole hysterectomy

  • Key Hole ovarian cystectomy

  • Key Hole inguinal hernia repair

  • Key Hole umbilical hernia repair

  • Key Hole incisional hernia repair

  • Key Hole adhesion release

  • Key Hole sterlisation

  • Lap splenectomy

  • Lap choledocho duodenostomy(for obstructed bile ducts)

  • Lap colectomies. (hemi colectomy, radical pancolectomy)

  • Lap anterior resection

  • Lap abdomino perineal resection

  • Lap. Fundoaplication (Heart burn)

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